Why We Built Phoenix MRKT

Australians have been very fortunate to be unfamiliar with the scale and depth of devastation caused by the Australian fires and megafires of the 2019/20 Summer. 

The crisis of these fires caused loss of life, loss of property and both direct and indirect economic loss. Some businesses in fire affected areas are reporting cancellations and losses many years into the future, far beyond what they have sustained in the burn and far beyond what their ordinary marketing channels can overcome.

Now on top of the fires, we have the COVID-19 pandemic leading to the closure of many non-essential businesses, services and communities.

We can all help to stem the economic losses and in doing so, hopefully, prevent the loss of hope in the face of a rebuild that must feel insuperable. 

Australians, particularly of the regional and rural variety are a hard-working, hard-wearing mob and are no strangers to resilience. Through drought, flood, or the unnatural effects of being forgotten by policy – these are communities geared to survival and used to self-reliance. 

We believe that when money starts moving through local communities in the usual ways then local businesses can employ local people, support other local businesses and enjoy the benefits of repeat and referral business.

It’s a help-up rather than a help-down approach, enabling people to rebuild and find their new normal with empowerment, momentum, and pride.

If you own a business in a fire-affected community or are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the platform is free and we can get you set up in under 5 minutes of your time.

If you want to support these businesses and communities, you can browse the MRKTplace to shop and invite everyone you know to #jointheregeneration at Phoenixmrkt.com.au

Visit the MRKTplace and shop here: