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Naroma, NSW

Handcrafted Natural Stone Jewellery


Fi and B make handcrafted natural stone jewellery



We had a fire plan – it was always our intention to leave, but by the time the warnings came to let us know that our town was in danger, the roads out were all closed, so we had no choice but to bunker down and pray for the best.

Waking up to a red sky at 7am was a nightmare, pitch black at 2pm from the heavy smoke was scary. In hindsight, we were safe (especially once the winds changed direction), but the lack of power and telecommunications was something I never want to experience again.

…the roads out were all closed, so we had no choice but to bunker down and pray for the best. 


We’ve been collecting rocks, stones and gems over the years as we’ve traveled around this big wide land – some have literally been picked up from off the ground as we’ve gone on our regular walks, some have been purchased as slabs from other rock hounds, some have been dug up from mullock heaps, and others purchased as ready-made beads.

We’ve been storing our treasures away until we had time to start working with them.

Well that time is now – we’ve cut & shaped & polished numerous pieces and assembled them to make a wide variety of pendants, necklaces & bracelets.

We’ve developed our lapidary skills along the way, and also learnt the art of chainmaille (aka link-ring jewellery) and wire-wrapping and have incorporated these into our collection.

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We hope you get as much enjoyment from wearing our products as we have enjoyed creating them. Each piece is unique – keep an eye out for our ever increasing range.