A Story of 100 Tea Towels

An order can make all the difference for an owner of a small business in a bushfire-affected region of Australia.

Kara Cooper of Mount Vic and Me is one of those business owners.

Located in the Blue Mountains village of Mount Victoria in New South Wales, Kara’s store Mount Vic and Me is a shop that is reliant on the seasonal high volume of trade during the summer holiday period.

Kara explained, “It’s like no one thinks the Blue Mountains are open for business. The volume of tourists this region would normally see during these months is almost non-existent”. 

Kara signed her business up to the Pheonix MRKT platform after one of the co-Founders spotted her plea in a social media thread for people to ‘not forget the Blue Mountains,’ and reached out to invite her to register.

Phoenix MRKT is a place to connect businesses affected by the fires with a global market. Founder of Phoenix MRKT, Sarah Bell explains “We understand that for the communities and families of affected areas to rebuild we must see money moving through their local economies in the usual ways”.

Kara admits that she wasn’t sure what to expect, but on visiting the website she said, “It was clear from the words that this was a genuine attempt to help the local businesses” 

PhoenixMRKT was created by a group of professionals in Brisbane and Sydney who work in small businesses and understand their place as the backbone of local economies and communities.

‘On speaking with some of the people in the front lines and shop lines of these affected regions, we could sense that there was a gap in both awareness and remedies for the businesses who have been impacted,” said Sarah Bell, on behalf of the group behind PhoenixMRKT.

“We know that small businesses are the drivers of employment and social connection in these small towns and it is the social and economic regeneration of these communities that can really power the forces of resilience and hope in the face of other devastating losses.”

Through PhoenixMRKT Kara’s shop, Mount Vic and Me received an order for a 100 of one of her designer tea towels from a real estate business owner in Brisbane who intends to give them to some of his clients as gifts when they transact.

When we asked what this order meant for her business in the wake of uncertainty, it became clear this single order spreads beyond her business alone.

“My casual employee now has some guaranteed hours, I can pay the rent and it gives me confidence. I wanted to attend a trade show in February, and this order allows that to happen”.

That is what PhoenixMRKT is about. One order has not only supported a local business, but cascaded to a family that is dependent on casual hours in the retail environment, and a Landlord will receive rent to pay back a mortgage. Business owner, employee and landlord now have some cash flow to spend in other local businesses – and they can do that now.

“It’s also great that I’ve now got customers in QLD.”

An example of Cara’s quirky art tea towels, available at Mount Vic and Me

If you have a small business in a fire-affected region, we want to invite you to register your business and to #JoinTheRegeneration.

Registering your business is completely FREE and should take you less than 5 minutes.

The platform is also FREE for people shopping and we send them directly to your website or email inbox. 

Check out the site at: https://phoenixMRKT.com.au

You can register your business here: https://mailchi.mp/52ec64c3ab43/invitevendor

Feel free to share the registration link to other small businesses in your community we invite you to also use #JoinTheRegeneration on social media. The official social pages of PhoenixMRKT can be found at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/phoenixMRKTau/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/phoenixmrkt/