Inspired by the resilience of those affected by the Australian fires of 2019/2020 and the extraordinary generosity of people from Australia and around the world in donating to crisis relief, we have created Phoenix MRKT.  

Now Australia faces another potentially devastating challenge in COVID-19 and in response, we are making Phoenix MRKT available to all local Australian businesses and communities.

We understand that for the communities and families of affected areas to survive and rebuild we must see money moving through their local economies in the usual ways.

We see self-reliance as an important part of the Australian psyche and so we offer Phoenix MRKT as a place to connect businesses affected by the fires with a global market and we invite everyone to join the regeneration. 

Enter The MRKTplace

Phoenix MRKT is free for both businesses seeking to reach out and for those who generously choose to shop in the MRKTplace to support the regeneration of the local economies and families of fire affected communities.

Featured offers from Phoenix MRKT

Fi & B’s Natural Stone Jewellery

Naroma, NSW

Handcrafted Natural Stone Jewellery

Batemans Bay Nut Roasting Company
Batemans Bay, NSW

Australian Nuts cooked and bagged in our store.

New Era Vineyard

Woodside, Adelaide Hills

Family-run vineyard in the Adelaide Hills

Orders through PhoneixMRKT provide a direct and transparent line of impact between your generosity and the small businesses that provide employment and support in fire & COVID-19 affected communities.

“My casual employee now has some guaranteed hours, I can pay the rent and it gives me confidence. I wanted to attend a trade show in February, this order allows that to happen.”

-Kara, owner Mount Vic and Me

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